About us

Derbyshire Dales is home to beautiful villages and market towns, including Ashbourne, Bakewell and Matlock. We’re proud of what we do in keeping these areas safe, free from litter and attractive to tourists and those wanting to come and live and work here.

We also have the Peak District, which attracts tourists, walkers and people from in and around Derbyshire to view the stunning surroundings.

Derbyshire Dales Conservatives are a group of like-minded people who want to see the best for their area.

We believe that people are better when they’re trusted to make decisions about their own lives. We support low taxes, social mobility, public services that work in the best interest of those who they serve. Most importantly, we care about our community and what we can do to make sure that Government – whether local or national – is serving the interests of local people.

If our work sounds like something you’d like to support, please do consider getting involved.