Water Supply Issues

By Rt Hon Sir Patrick McLoughlin MP

Over the past few days, I have received a significant number of emails about the water supply issues which people have experienced this week.

Please be assured that I fully appreciate the concerns that have been raised with me and am very conscious of the disruption and inconvenience which has been caused to thousands of people, particularly families, the elderly, the disabled and those living in rural locations.

I have been in very regular contact with Severn Trent and called upon them to introduce more bottled water collection points, because I felt that one was not sufficient, not least because of the demand, but also because of the considerable distance that constituents were being asked to travel. I also raised with them concerns about the implications for the farming community, which did not seem to form part of their response to this situation.

I raised this issue in the House of Commons with the Environment Minister this morning and highlighted my concerns about the statutory level of compensation which I feel is woefully inadequate. I have written to the Chief Executive of Severn Trent Water and my letter covers a large number of important issues which have been raised with me over the past few days.

I continue to monitor the situation very closely and will press Severn Trent to take all appropriate action not only to ensure this situation is resolved as swiftly as possible for all concerned, but that all possible steps are taken to try and prevent the events of the last few days from occurring again.

I hope this reassures you of my ongoing commitment to a situation which I know has caused an immense amount of disruption and inconvenience.


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