I am supporting Jeremy Hunt.


I have known Jeremy ever since he was elected. Like me, he wanted us to remain in the EU, but we agree that that the result of the 2016 referendum must be honoured, and that every Member of Parliament has a duty to help Britain achieve the best possible future outside of it. I believe he is well placed to do that, with his entrepreneurial background building a business that employed 200 people. I think it will be vital for the country’s successful future that we attract and support industry and business and only someone with his first-hand experience can do that.


As I’m sure you are aware, he served for several years as Secretary of State for Health; that is always a difficult role, but I felt he acquitted it with a calm and compassionate approach, as he is doing as Foreign Secretary. He is intelligent and masters the detail of even the most complex situations and for all these reasons, I am confident that he merits my support and I hope, that of the wider Conservative Party in due course. 


The Rt. Hon. Sir Patrick McLoughlin MP