Brexit November 2018

Due to the volume of emails on this fast moving subject, and a close family bereavement, on this occasion, I am not able to respond to every point raised, but I can assure you I have read your message and it has been recorded.

I campaigned locally and nationally for us to remain in the EU, but we did not persuade people and we lost. I stood on a manifesto pledge to hold a referendum and to implement its result. Turnout for the 2016 people’s referendum was larger than at any election since 1992.

So the Government must deliver the referendum result and achieve the best possible result for the whole country. It is doing so, and I do not believe anyone could have achieved more than our Prime Minister. For that reason, I am supporting Theresa May on Brexit.

Please find more details on my position regarding suggestion a Second Referendum and I will update my website at as the situation develops.